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Entrusting the care of your loved ones into our hands is the best decision you can ever make. Our competent and ever-ready caregivers are here to offer your loved ones the companionship, love, respect, care and support that they deserve.

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Companion Care

Running busy schedules and caring for a loved one concurrently can be so cumbersome and challenging; this can at times lead to social isolation and other health issues for a loved due to reduced or lack of attention, companionship and adequate care. Worry no more! Cusk Personal Care Home is here to ensure that your loved ones stay socially engaged; to improve their health conditions and well-being.

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Personal Care

We offer a variety of personal care services to our clients to make their daily activities stress-free. Some of our personal care services include assistance with bathing, grooming, toileting, eating and meal prep, dressing, medication reminders, mobility and much more. By so doing, we help to make a big difference to our clients' quality of life. This is because our professional caregivers lovingly and dutifully make the experience enjoyable for our clients.  

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Doing laundry can be challenging for seniors, especially when their children have a busy life or live far away. Our caregivers in Cusk Personal Home Care can help provide laundry services such as washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting away clothing, bed sheets, and towels for your loved one. We take the stress off your loved ones' back while they only take up the simpler chores if no trouble with mobility or other health conditions. 

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Home Health Services

Do you run a daily busy schedule hindering you from helping your loved ones with chores like housekeeping? Or is your loved one in need of help with chores like housekeeping? We are here to take the stress off your shoulders with our lighthouse keeping services. In Cusk Personal Care Home, our caregivers can help with vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, cleaning kitchens, taking out the trash, straightening all rooms, organizing closets and drawers and so on.

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Skilled Nursing

At Cusk Home Health Services LLC, our commitment revolves around placing our patients at the forefront of our endeavors. Our specialized nursing services are meticulously crafted to deliver superlative care within the confines of our patients' homes. Anchored by a team of adept and empathetic nurses, we prioritize the welfare of our patients above all else. Guiding them through their healthcare journey, we offer proficient care with a compassionate approach. We dedicate ourselves to elucidating treatment options, equipping our patients with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding their well-being.

Rely on us as your steadfast allies in health, facilitating your journey towards optimal wellness and embracing life with vigor.



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Home Health Occupational Therapy

We uphold the belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to lead an independent and fulfilling life. This core value drives our commitment to providing exceptional home health occupational therapy services aimed at empowering our patients.

Our team of skilled occupational therapists collaborates closely with each patient to identify their unique goals and aspirations. From there, we craft a personalized plan tailored specifically to address individual needs and challenges. Whether it's regaining mobility, mastering daily tasks, or enhancing quality of life, we're here to offer unwavering support every step of the way.




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 As we age, our body and life change, even our diets should be monitored and properly planned. Yet many seniors are at risk of inadequate nutrition despite the fact that good nutrition should be of paramount importance to them in order to enjoy good health and well-being. In Cusk Personal Care Home, we make meal planning and preparation easier for our clients. Our caregivers help plan and prepare meals suitable for our clients' specific dietary needs or restrictions, yet according to their preferences, tasty and mouthwatering.

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Home Infusion

Your well-being is our paramount priority, which is why we offer specialized home infusion therapies tailored to our patients' needs. At Cusk Home Health Services LLC, we recognize the complexities of managing challenging health conditions. Our proficient team of experts is dedicated to alleviating the burden for our patients. Through our home infusion therapy services, the inconvenience of frequent hospital or clinic visits becomes a thing of the past. Our objective is to streamline the infusion process, ensuring it is seamless and stress-free. This empowers our patients to concentrate on what truly matters – their health and vitality.


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Home Health Medical Social Work

We recognize that our patients' well-being encompasses not just physical health but also emotional and social dimensions. This understanding drives our commitment to providing comprehensive home health medical social work services.

Our dedicated team of compassionate medical social workers is adept at addressing the emotional, social, and community-related needs of our patients. Serving as advocates for your overall well-being, we ensure that you have access to the necessary resources and support systems. Whether you need someone to listen, offer guidance, or empower you to overcome life's challenges, we're here for you every step of the way.

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As we age, moving around or running errands becomes demanding and challenging, especially for seniors that cannot drive or with mobility challenges. Cusk Personal Care Home is here to make the process easier by taking the stress off you. Our professional caregivers in Cusk Personal Care Home can help you or a loved one out. We can help with grocery shopping, bill paying assistance,picking up prescriptions, and any other routine errands a loved one might require. Your loved ones can rest while we run their errands.                                                     


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Home Health Physical Therapy


At Cusk Home Health Services LLC, our home health physical therapy services are meticulously designed to help you reclaim your strength, mobility, and autonomy. Our team of skilled therapists is committed to collaborating with you to develop a personalized plan tailored precisely to your needs and aspirations. We firmly believe in your potential, and with our unwavering support, every milestone in your recovery journey becomes attainable.



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Home Health Speech Therapy

Our mission extends beyond merely restoring communication abilities; we strive to enrich your overall quality of life. We recognize the profound impact effective communication has on forging meaningful connections and enhancing your well-being. With dedicated therapists by your side, we celebrate each milestone achieved in your journey.

Our approach encompasses both the physical and cognitive dimensions of speech and language challenges, empowering you to communicate effectively and express yourself fully. We treasure the uniqueness of every voice. Our commitment is to facilitate your rediscovery of the joy and liberation inherent in effective communication.



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